From Málaga to the world

I’m Toro, a Malagueño designer who works remotely from a tiny town in the south of Spain.

As a designer, I’m passionate about solving tough customer problems by combining thoughtful research, clever technology and beautiful design. I’ve previously contributed to, and led design teams at Accenture, Lambda Automotive, and agencies in Spain.

In 2016 I founded the first User Experience community in Andalusia. During this period, I was a teacher in various design schools. I trained designers and front teams in UX and design.

In 2017 I helped launch their project, during that time I improved my skills as a designer. I am currently Principal Designer at Docline. A digital health platform.

My mind is never too far from the sea, and I appreciate the importance of a healthy work/life balance. So when I’m not online, you’ll find me outdoors with my girlfriend and dog — swimming, sand running or bodyboarding.


Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator